Flying V Cabin (Original Building)

The Flying V Cabin is an original structure from Young and was built circa 1880. It was moved to Pioneer Arizona from Canyon Creek.

The building has notched gun ports for protection against Indian attacks. It was raided at the time of the July 17, 1882, Battle of Big Dry Wash which was last Apache war in this area. Indians stole horses but did not damage the house according to newspaper accounts.

Information in the museum files indicates that the building was originally built by John Tewksbury, Sr., the father of one of the families involved in the Pleasant Valley War. George Newton and J. J. Vosberg used it as a ranch building and later as a line rider’s cabin.

The Tewksburys came to Arizona in 1879 or 1880. John, Sr. had three sons by his first wife, and his second wife lived with them. The famous Pleasant Valley Wars (sheepherder vs. cattlemen) started in 1887. It ended in 1892 when Edwin Tewksbury killed Thomas Graham near Tempe. His conviction was thrown out by the judge on a technicality and there was no retrial. Graham’s widow tried to kill Tewksbury during the trial with a smuggled gun, but it misfired.

There is some contention over the cause of the Graham/Tewksbury feud. Was it really over sheep? Or a woman? Or over dividing spoils from cattle rustling? It lasted for approximately 10 years and over twenty-five people were killed.